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Our goal of providing quality and meaningful education for our students has been the driving force behind RICC’s continued success. Through a strong sense of commitment, motivation, and dedication to academic success, students have been able to flourish in their academic and social environment and create a desire for lifelong learning. Through the provision of additional learning opportunities such as tutorials, study hall sessions, and a variety of extra-curricular activities, student are able to experience a unique, supportive and an engaging learning atmosphere. This year, I had the honour to be appointed as the school guidance counsellor. As a collaborative effort of our guidance team, we have been able to successfully implement a guidance and career education programme to further support student’s personal, interpersonal, and career development. Also, we prepare all sufficient information for students before they enter the university , including choosing the right university and programs for them. In order to help them go to their desired university, we aim at the standard of universities to achieve all the coaching. All of the prominent universities were able to come to our school site to deliver programme as well as scholarship information to our students. We were able to take students to university open houses to help them gain clarity in order to make informed university choices. The early offers of admission given to our students from some of the prestigious universities in Canada such as the University of Toronto, McMaster, and Waterloo are strong indicators of RICC’s programme success. It is my belief that RICC will continue to provide a high-quality education to all of our students and I am happy to be part of this mission.


-School Guidance and Business Teacher

I am still amazed the power that a teacher has. I recently had a student reach out to me after he graduated, to thank me for continuing to believe in him, and supporting him during the previous year. This vindicates the reason I became a teacher. The small classes ,the extra tutorials and the ability to give the extra time needed for students, further cements a strong bond between the students and the teachers here at RICC. I look forward every day to see the potential of my students and recognizing in a small way that I am truly making a difference.


- History Teacher

The students at RICC continue to impress me with their dedication to academics. In mathematics classes, students continually demonstrate a work ethic that will help them succeed, not only in the classroom, but as they enter post-secondary studies and careers afterwards. Furthermore, many students seize opportunities to challenge themselves further through various academic contests in many universities like University of Waterloo throughout the year. As students pursue their passions, this desire to aim continually higher will no doubt help them achieve their dreams.


- Mathematics Teacher

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Canada is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. Its culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies that promote multiculturalism are constitutionally protected. Therefore, students from different countries have equal rights and with the government funding, no wonder Canada ranks among the highest in international measurements of Education.


Our food services staff follows the government guideline and offers a variety of healthy, balanced meals using International food menu to meet the needs of our students.


For good Health, other than clean and fresh air, students’ activities will include downhill ski, skates, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball games and festivals.


Our admissions team will guide you through the application process, on a one to one basis, answer your questions and assist you in making the transition to RICC an easy one.

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