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RICC is committed to offering competitive intramural sports and activities for boarding students. These usually take place on evenings and weekends.

Each semester, students are divided into teams (called "mentorship groups") for intramural competitions. Examples of competitions include:

-Table tennis/ping pong
-Indoor soccer

-Soccer baseball

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   1 (289) 362-1388

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Church Group (Sunday mornings/afternoons)

Though a non-denominational school, RICC assists students who would like to go to church on Sundays. A number of our Canadian and international students attend Central Community Church, while others attend Westburne Alliance Church. Students have also participated in evening youth groups and a few students even got baptized. 

Cooking Club (led by Ms. Foo, Ms. Kumar, and  Miss Sue)

Students can learn how to prepare traditional cultural dishes for special school feasts, or can help to cook and serve a regular dinner. Interested students may also get to bake treats for snacktime, and may get to have input into the weekly meal menus.

Games Club 

For students who like strategy games, such as chess and checkers, or for those who like to play board games or video games, the games club offers a chance to compete against fellow students in all sorts of games and competitions. Past events include League of Legends, Madden NFL, and Pokemon tournaments.

Weight Room (led by Mr. Lafferty)

RICC's fitness center is not just for experienced and elite athletes, but is open to all. From cardio machines to squat racks, the weight room has it all. Mr. Lafferty has also introduced self-defense into the programming at RICC. Students who are interested in improving their health and fitness are encouraged to join. 

Other Clubs:

-Announcement Club

-Science Fair (2019)

-Student Council (2019)

-Yearbook Committee/Photography Club (2019)

Students who have an interest in a certain club or in starting a new club should speak to a teacher or staff member to serve as the club advisor and then should ask administration for approval to start the club. 

Canada is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. Its culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies that promote multiculturalism are constitutionally protected. Therefore, students from different countries have equal rights and with the government funding, no wonder Canada ranks among the highest in international measurements of Education.


Our food services staff follows the government guideline and offers a variety of healthy, balanced meals using International food menu to meet the needs of our students.


For good Health, other than clean and fresh air, students’ activities will include downhill ski, skates, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball games and festivals.


Our admissions team will guide you through the application process, on a one to one basis, answer your questions and assist you in making the transition to RICC an easy one.

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