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RICC has instructors to help students grow, learn and their life goal and other professional people to assist students in planning the program choices, mainly for university counselling. 


Career Planning

Students go through comprehensive career and life planning, which begins

with course planning throughout high school and continues with university

program planning so that students can follow the career path of their choice.


University Presentations

Universities from across Ontario (and Canada) routinely visit RICC to give

presentations about their programs, and to recruit students. The following

universities have sent representatives to the school:

University of Toronto

Mercyhurst University (PA)

Bryant University (RI)

Brock University

University of Guelph

Syracuse University

University of Buffalo


Ryerson University

University Placement


                       100% Acceptance Rate!

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Canada is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. Its culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies that promote multiculturalism are constitutionally protected. Therefore, students from different countries have equal rights and with the government funding, no wonder Canada ranks among the highest in international measurements of Education.


Our food services staff follows the government guideline and offers a variety of healthy, balanced meals using International food menu to meet the needs of our students.


For good Health, other than clean and fresh air, students’ activities will include downhill ski, skates, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball games and festivals.


Our admissions team will guide you through the application process, on a one to one basis, answer your questions and assist you in making the transition to RICC an easy one.