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ADA 2O, 3/4M Dramatic Arts

ALC 2O Integrated Arts

AMK 2O, 3/4M Keyboard Music

AMU 2O, 3/4M Instrumental Music

ATC 2O, 3/4M Dance

AVI 2O, 3/4M Visual Arts

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CGC 1D Issues in Canadian Geography

CGF 3M Physical Geography

CGW 4U World Issues

CHC 2D Canadian History since WWI

CHV 2O Civics & Citizenship

CHA 3U American History

CHW 3M World History to the end of the 15th Century

CHY 4U World History since the 15th Century

CLN 4U Canadian & International Law

LVV 4U Classical Civilization

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PAL 2/3/4O Large Group Activities

PPL 2/3/4O Healthy Active Living

PLF 4M Recreation & Fitness Leadership

PSK 4U Introductory Kinesiology

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FSF 1O/1D/2D/3U/4U Core French

LKM BD/CU/4U Mandarin

LWP BD/CU/4U Portuguese

LWS BD/CU/4U Spanish

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ICS 3U Intro to Computer Science

ICS 4U Computer Science

SBI 3/4U Biology

SCH 3/4U Chemistry

SES 4U Earth & Space Science

SNC 1/2D Science

SNC 4M Science

SVN 3M Environmental Science

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BAF 3M Financial Accounting Principles

BAT 4M Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BBB 4M International Business

BBI 2O Intro to Business

BOH 4M Business Leadership

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ELS 2O Literacy Strategies

ENG 1/2D, 3/4U English

ESL A-EO English as a Second Language

ETS 4U Studies in Literature

OLC 4O Ontario Literacy Course

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GLC 2O Career Studies

GPP 3O Leadership & Peer Support

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MPM 1/2D Principles of Mathematics

MCF 3M Functions & Applications

MCR 3U Functions

MCV 4U Calculus & Vectors

MDM 4U Mathematics of Data Mngmt.

MHF 4U Advanced Functions

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HHS 4M Individuals & Families in a Diverse Society

HSB 4U Challenge & Change in Society

HSP 3U Intro to Anthro/PsychSoc

HZT 4U Philosophy: Questions & Theories

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Canada is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. Its culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies that promote multiculturalism are constitutionally protected. Therefore, students from different countries have equal rights and with the government funding, no wonder Canada ranks among the highest in international measurements of Education.


Our food services staff follows the government guideline and offers a variety of healthy, balanced meals using International food menu to meet the needs of our students.


For good Health, other than clean and fresh air, students’ activities will include downhill ski, skates, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball games and festivals.


Our admissions team will guide you through the application process, on a one to one basis, answer your questions and assist you in making the transition to RICC an easy one.

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